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According to reports, it has been observed that 80% of first-page search results on Google use the H1 header. This makes it all the more evident that headings in SEO have a pivotal role to play.
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Headings are main because
- Google checks them for keywords
- check for qna snippets like how/what
- check for subsections to show and extract a part of the content
- headings define the table of content and helps crawling
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Headings are also used in Webpages, Blog Posts or other Web Writings to attract the attention of the readers. HTML Headings are used to index Search Engine(s) Content. Apart from these, HTML Headings are also very important. Which are being told below.

Headings are used to highlight the title and structure of the document. Document title is mainly defined by H1 heading.

Headings are necessary to divide the document into sections.

Document Structure becomes readable from Headings. Due to which the reader remains connected to the content.

Headings divide a webpage into several parts. These parts are given by heading heading. Reading which the readers guess about the importance of our document.

Headings play the most important role in giving instant information to the readers.

Search Engines also use HTML Headings to index our content quickly and accurately.
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