Rahul Gupta

May 29, 2021

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Google Adsense is a very good option to start earning on blog but with low traffic it wont be that beneficial. I would say better go off with "Affiliate Marketing". Try to figure out few good affiliate marketing partners in your niche.

Like if its related to "Blogging", you can go for Hosting/Themes affiliate programs. For fashion/lifestyle you can promote products related to your niche and add amazon/flipkart product link for commision.

For travel/books, you can easily earn via reviewing book or hotels. There are endless ways. Also to increase your traffic, focus on these:

1) Work on ON Page and OFF page Optimization techniques, Build a backlinking strategy as Google favors a website that points to various resources and makes your website easy to crawl.

2) Create valuable content and be more elaborate as a recent study has shown that long-form content works best and rank higher.

Hope these helps you slowly but earn a steady flow of income

Keep Blogging
8 months ago   1
Do you make money from affiliate marketing? Most affiliate programs are not tracking accurately.
8 months ago   1
Neena K yeah kind of. but you can't be 100% sure for adsense view count as well.

For 3rd parties earning programs we need to rely on their analytics and stats. Thats why keep experimenting with few and what suits you best, go for it in long run
7 months ago   1

Google adsence is great choice for earning but if you have less traffic so, it may be difficult to earn money form it, In that situation you can earn money from affiliate marketing by selling the products
7 months ago   1
I don't think Adsense will earn you anything. Go for highly targeted affiliate products
16 days ago   1