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At present, Instagram is the most popular social media platform, which is attracting a lot of youth, in addition to chatting, sharing photos / videos with your friends, you can earn money from Instagram. This platform is used by many companies to promote or promote their products. On this, any person or company can easily promote or promote their products.

You can earn money from Instagram by this way.

1: Sell your photos

Many people are fond of photography and whenever they go out for a walk, they take a lot of photos with their camera. If you are also fond of doing protography, and you have a collection of many good photos, then you can earn money from Instagram. You can advertise those photos by uploading them to your Instagram account.

Here you have to keep one thing in mind that whenever you upload a photo, then definitely use your name or any watermark in that photo. So that no one else can use your photos. While uploading the photo, definitely write your name and contact number in the description. So that the person who bought that photo can contact you.

2: Sell your products

If you want to sell any of your products, then you do not need to go anywhere else. Now you can also sell any of your products with the help of Instagram. Upload the photo of any product you want to sell on Instagram and write the price of that product and your details in the description.

3: Sell your Instagram account

If the number of followers on your Instagram account is very high, then you can also sell your Instagram account at a very good price. The price of your Insta account depends on the number of your followers. This means that the higher the number of followers of your Instagram account, the higher the value of your Instagram account.
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