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WYSIWYG is short for What you see is What you get means you will see whatever you writing exactly as it will appear to everyone. This refers to the editor for writing posts on the blog.
If we talk about WordPress, it has two editor options, one is a normal editor, and the other HTML editor.
The normal editor is default and is a WYSIWYG editor as you can see the text exactly with all formatting as it will appear after publishing whereas if you change to HTML editor you will see only code. It also contains formatting tools like Bold, Italic, font size and style.
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If you do not have much knowledge of HTML, then you can design web pages using "WYSIWYG editor". The full name of WYSIWYG is "what you see is what you get".

Meaning in this you can edit the code as soon as the HTML editor and make the layout of the website.

If you have ever blog post on CMS like WordPress, Blogger or Joomla, etc. So you must know that HTML and CSS are not used while writing the post.

All you have to do is write the content in the plan text editor and publish it.

All these CMS blog system uses WYSIWYG editor. In this editor, the text, images, videos etc. to be written are directly converted into HTML and CSS.
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