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Rahul Gupta Selected

Rahul Gupta

2 years ago
Advantages of using Media.net

1: In this, you can also select your category, which category of Ads should be shown.

2: It also shows ads for mobile users. So that the mobile user can also see that ad and click on it.

3: Media.Net company also provides you the facility of help. It helps you to setup your ads.
You get paid for Clicks in Ads with CPC.

4: When the same user repeatedly clicks on ads without work, it is called Invalid Click, which also benefits you.

Disadvantages of using Media.net

1: It supports only English language. This is its biggest disadvantage. Nowadays people do blogging in all languages.

2: All the websites you add to it will have to be approved first, only then you can show ads. If a user wants to show ads on more than one website, then all the websites will have to be added and approved.

3: In this you can add only 10 websites to one account.