Rahul Gupta

May 15, 2021

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I just stumbled upon blogging way back in early 2000. The release of emotions by writing and thrill of people reading and sometimes commenting was motivating. I have exploring affiliate marketing but as of now not much earning but would love to.😊
5 months ago   2
Coz it let me express my feelings through my words ♥️♥️♥️
1 year ago   1
Writing is my life. I can't live without it.
1 year ago   1
Ankit Sahu keep ✍️✍️✍️
1 year ago   1
writing helps to increase own confidence. just for that
1 year ago   0
The main part of my life is learning and gaining information. I search for the truth behind anything I have interest in...and tech is one in them.

Blogging came in my life when I started learning computer programming, where I found a lot of things in a place life graphic, community, information and so...

I started blogging for earning money initially. But there was a big loss because I used to put affiliate link one with few words and blogger banned my site. Then I had a problem on my smartphone settings each time I format it and then I had to customize according to my need and I can not find the settings...

This is where I started writing a blog about "how to do" or "how to solve". This was like bookmarking the blog post and it became my daily tasks and now I am blogging.

...Like posting about something I know or just want to provide the information...
1 year ago   1

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