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Jul 26, 2021

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Here are the winners for the month of July 2021:

1. Hitha Nanjappa: (Flipkart GV of ₹100 + ₹50 Paytm Cash)

2. Himangshu Kalita: (Flipkart GV of ₹100 + ₹50 Paytm Cash)

3. Balvinder Singh: (Flipkart GV of ₹100 + ₹50 Paytm Cash)

Congrats to all the winners...

5 days ago   3
Indibloghub Admin Thanks for the opportunity. It feels good to answer questions as you are having double benefits, one you getting a reach in the community and other rewards additional to it.
I look forward to sharing more content in the future.
Hope this community grows more and more in the future, and we get new chances to be rewarded.
5 days ago   2
Thank you so much for organizing this contest. It was a great way to help other aspiring bloggers and learn from experienced people through this platform. This is a nice platform that helps bloggers/amateurs to learn from each other and grow together.

All the best to IndiBlogHub for whatever you aspire to do to help this community of bloggers.
5 days ago   1
Great contest
1 month ago   2
Trickyard good luck...
1 month ago   2
Great Campaign.. Now answering is fun😉
1 month ago   2
Elucidatefacts yeah and rewarding too...
1 month ago   3
nice way of engaging community, thanks
18 days ago   2
Balvinder Singh yeah looking forward for a tight competition ahead
18 days ago   3
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