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Widgets are the main part of any blog or app. Widgets are structures having some information and functionality rendering something.
Let say, we need to share some text in our sidebar of Wordpress blog. We can simply include text widget, and write content to embed in sidebar, or somewhere widgets be embeddable.

Editing website is not always easy, and most of the time, not all are devs, so widgets are pieces of blocks, helping you embed any thing without actually modifying the theme/page of a website.

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A widget in WordPress is a tiny component that serves a specific purpose.

A widget may only be put in a designated area known as the widget area. A WordPress theme can have numerous widget sections in which the user can install various widgets.

WordPress comes with a dozen distinct types of widgets preinstalled, and you can add, rearrange, and delete them from the widget areas by using

Appearance—>Widgets on the administration panel.
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Widget is such a function, with the help of which we can implement any feature at a particular place in our website. This not only improves the look of the blog, it also benefits the visitors coming to our website. It depends on us what feature we are implementing. It would also have an advantage, those who do not have much knowledge of coding, they can also add a few functions to their blog with the help of Widget.

The new blogger does not have much knowledge of coding, so he will not be able to edit the Direct theme. Keeping this in mind, the feature of Widget has been added to the blog so that the new function can be added without disturbing the website's coaing.

Widget does not have a particular shape but helps in adding new functions. Where we can use Widgets depends on the theme. Most of the Blogger themes have the feature of adding Widget in both Sidebar and Footer. With its help, you can add Search box, About us, Contact Form, Popular Post, Advertisement, Social Media Icons and many more functions.

How to Add Widget in Blogger?

It is very easy to add Widgets in Blogger. You will be able to easily add Widget to your new blog by following the steps given by us. So let's start.

1. First of all you open Blogger and then go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Now click on Layout and then click on Add a Gadget.

3. Now you will see many widget features, whichever you want to add, you can easily do it by clicking on the Plus (+) icon.

Note: If you want to add Widget to your blog through Code, then add HTML/JavaScriptAdd to it, you can add widget from third party code like ads code, social media code etc.

How to Delete Widget in Blogger?

it is easier to remove Widget than it is to add Widget. So let's learn this too.

1. Go to the Layout section and click on Edit any widget you want to remove.

2. After clicking on Edit, a pop up will open, click on Remove pop ups.

In this way you can remove any widget very easily. In some widgets, you will not see the Remove button, to remove them, you have to change the code in the theme.
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