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What is Creative Commons (Licensing)?

What is Creative Commons (Licensing)?

Creative Commons (CC) is an American based non-profit organization that makes the work of creators available for public use by providing free copyright licenses. These licenses enable to creators to permit usage of their work by others, with certain conditions and thus gain larger exposure for their creativity. Through Creative Commons, creative work from public domain like music, movies, images etc. can be used for free and still be legal. The content thus borrowed can be modified and distributed by a user with certain set conditions', all still within the scope of the copyright law.

Now talking about blogging, having great photos and other visual content can do a great deal of good for your blog posts. There are several types of CC licenses depending on the terms and conditions of content distribution and each license is indicated by a pair of letters. Attribution (CC BY) is one of the most popular type of licensing. From copying, editing, remixing. distribution to building upon the existing content, this CC allows all types of usage. But as the name suggests the only requirement is that the user has to attribute the credits to the original creation.

Similarly, CC0 refers to 'no copyright reserved' for content that is waived off all copyright licenses for distribution in public domain. CC0 especially is great for content creators working for education, artists etc.

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Aamit Sainii
3 years ago Selected
Creative Commons (CC) is an International non-profit company and dedicated to instructional get entry to and increasing the vary of innovative works reachable for others to construct upon legally and to share. This corporation has launched countless copyright licenses, regarded as Creative Commons licenses, free of cost to the public. These licenses enable authors of innovative works to talk which rights they reserve and which rights they waive for the advantage of recipients or different creators.

This business enterprise used to be centered in 2001 through Lawrence Lessig, Hal Abelson, and Eric Eldred with the aid of Center for the Public Domain. The first article in a generic hobby book about Creative Commons, written by way of Hal Plotkin, was once posted in February 2002 and the first set of copyright licenses was once launched in December 2002.
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Himangshu Kalita
3 years ago Selected
It is comparable to public license and copyleft and was created as an alternative to copyright. It allows creators to set the terms under which their work can be used. More information is available at https://creativecommons.org/
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Rahul Gupta
3 years ago Selected
There are mainly two types of licensed videos on YouTube, Standard Youtube License and Creative Commons License videos.

• Standard youtube license – If you choose standard youtube license then it means that no one can use your video, it means that no one can re-upload your video to youtube. will be the owner himself. If someone does this, then you can take copyright action against him. We would advise you that whenever you upload a video, always choose the standard youtube license.

• Creative Commons License – How will it work if you choose Creative Commons License. Whenever you select a Creative Commons license for your video, it means that anyone can use your video and re-upload it to YouTube, there is no copyright action against him.

Now there is no copyright strike on the video with Creative Common License, it does not mean that you can directly pick up that video and put it on your channel. If you do this then there may be a strike on your video or channel. Although the chances are very less that you will get a strike, but still you do not have to take the risk and you should use them by following the rules very carefully, so that you do not get copyright strike.
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Sujit Singh
3 years ago Selected
(Creative Commons license, CC for short) is one of several public copyright licenses that allow the free and free distribution of certain works, without which those works would have been copyrighted. Here 'Kriti' can mean any creative thing created by a person. For example, a painting, a graphic, a book, a song/music, or a photograph of something are all 'works'. A CC license is used when someone grants a Creative Commons license to share, use, or create advanced content using their work.
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