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JavaScript is a web scripting language used mainly for websites, one popular example is WordPress. JavaScript is used for adding functionality to websites when used with HTML/CSS.

Most of the sites, older ones still use JavaScript. Newer ones, use a modified version of JavaScript known as a typescript. But still many do use JavaScript, and both have similar functions, just typescript having modern standards.

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JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is an Interpreted/Oriented Language. JavaScript is also known as client side/server side script. With the help of which a dynamic web page is created. This web technology standard is the third layer of the cake.

Because it is a scripting language. That's why JavaScript code is coded along with the HTML page. JavaScript provides programming facilities to web designers and it is very useful for a web designer to have knowledge of JavaScript.

When a user sends a request for a webpage to a browser on the Internet, the computer server attaches the HTML code of that page as well as the JavaScript code and sends it to the web browser. After that the browser converts the code in the form of text and shows it to the user if required.

JavaScript can be used not only in any browser but also in the creation of cookies in server programs and web browsers. Just as the file extension of HTML is .html. Similarly, the file extension of JavaScript is .js. JavaScript is open and cross platform that means it can be used in many operating systems like Windows, Mac etc.

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