Rahul Gupta

May 15, 2021

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Well said, Rahul! For me, starting Swati's Journal ( My web publication - swatisjournal.com) was just about expressing myself. But as it grew, I learnt new things. Most of all, it brought discipline to me. And my team introduced me to a well organised approach to content creation and content marketing. Now, I enjoy not only writing, but a community that is 4000 readers strong and growing. I must say, indibloghub and members here are awesome!
21 days ago   1
Swati Joshi You are right. Even when we feel low or want to quit blogging, positive comment from our readers/subs always motivate us.
And 4k readers is a very good number and this number will keep you working hard...
21 days ago   0
For me above all, passion is the most important driving factor. It's what keeps you going in times when your blog may not be bringing income or in general in a low phase.
If you love what you do, you'll be motivated to continue it despite the odds.
Other than that, extensive research on the topic and gathering visibility with the support of social media are just as important.
21 days ago   1
Shachi Baxi Passion is must. Without passion, you wont backup once you wanna quit or feel low...
21 days ago   0
For me, it was my passion for solving and creating puzzles that lead me to create my first blog.
20 days ago   1