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Google Adsense is great!
Pros: Without having to worry the quality or type of ads, Google will take care of target ads and target audience. It's a one time effort for you to get it approved.
Cons: if your target audience is Indians, then the earnings through google Adsense will be very less, compared to other countries(especially US & Europe).

But, in either case, it's still a great way to simply earn from your blog.
26 days ago   1
if you have good traffic, and a great niche with clean UI. A fast site. Then Adsense is the best program.
But if you have a slow site or less traffic, earning is less as google may mark some of the traffic as invalid and do the deductions or block ads showing
sometimes AdSense can be blocked permanently and no money be paid from the balance.

so, Adsense does not work for all, but maybe around 60% of people or less.
14 days ago   1