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There are two type of file paths
1. relative
2. absolute
relative is when we know path of some file and need to look along nearby path , like var/www/index.php var/www/options.php both are in same folder, so we can do ../options.php to use in index.php as a relative path.

where as var/www/options.php is we add this path then it is an absolute path.

Absoulte path in case for Wordpress is the exact path from public folder or / in Linux

so, if we have our Wordpress under folder /html , so we can access other files by adding path
/html/folder/file or folder/file with exact folder/file name
2 months ago   1
Balvinder Singh that's really a detailed and bit technical too. Thanks a lot for such one answer.
2 months ago   2
Rahul Gupta thanks, but i am more of a developer-first than blogger, so.
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