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No-follow links affect the destination URL's search engine rankings, and Google does not scan no-follow links. Google does not transmit anchor PageRank over these links since they include a rel=”nofollow” tag. You may make all the links on a page nofollow by adding a robots Meta tag with the value "nofollow" to the header.

Bonus point - If you share your blog post in IndiBlogHub then the link will be nofollow


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Himangshu Kalita hahaha i like how you adding bonus points in few of your answers. Keep me intriguing what's gonna be next.
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A no follow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page's favor, does not boost PageRank, and doesn't help a page's placement in the SERPs. No follow links get no love. Theirs is a sad and lonely life. The nofollow tag is basically a notice sign for search engines saying “don't count this."
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These are the links that search engine bots do not index. And only your readers can follow these links. That is, when we add a link to a site that is not related to our content, we can call it No Follow Links.

NoFollow links example


To make any link nofollow, you just have to use rel="nofollow" code. If you use WordPress, you can use Title and Nofollow For Links Plugin for them. With the help of which you can make your links Nofollow very easily.
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