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A keyword is a word or phrase which shows what content is about. Like for Wordpress plugin article "Wordpress plugin" is a keyword, and "contact form 7 Wordpress plugin" can be other keyword
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In the context of SEO and Blogging, then keyword is the word or phrase that we search for information on the Internet by writing it in the search engine. For example you want to know about the website so how do you find it on the internet?

You google "what is website?" Will search by writing. Click on "What is a website?" This is a keyword.

If you are a new blogger then you have to write articles on these keywords so that people can come to your blog by searching on Google and this increases the traffic of your blog.

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Keyword is a phrase or a sentence. Which you use in the title to describe your article. Like "What is Keyword" this is a phrase, which is called keyword in the language of Blogging or SEO.

If you are a beginner in blogging, then you will understand this example very well. You have to write an essay on Mahatma Gandhi that too in Hindi. So maybe you will search in Google something like "Essay On Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi" or "Essay on Mahatma Gandhi" and both of these are your keywords.
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When you have any queries or want to know any thing, what you do?? You do google about it. I'm right?? The questions or queries which you entered on the google are exactly know as keywords. 
Based on the type of keyword you entered on google, you get the result. 
Keywords are of various types & some are shown below
1) Short tail keywords: it contains very less words 
2) Long tail keywords: it contains more words 
3) Evergreen keywords
4) Fresh keywords
5) Product defining keywords 
6) Customer defining keywords 
7) Intent targeting keywords 
8) Geo targeting keywords
9) LSI keywords
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Keyword a as a sentence that represent what is your content is about.
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