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In seo, we do have links everywhere, one link pointing to other and so on. So, let say we written an article and added link to some other resource or someone linked to our article. In any case, the linked content gets removed/deleted. So, we get a 404 error, or sometimes a redirect showing content moved.
So, in this case, the link lost its value, as there is nothing to be linked. It breaks the link chain. So the links with 404 mostly are termed as broken links.
Identifying broken links and fixing can help you in improving SEO.

13 days ago   1
A broken link is one that cannot be opened and is not located on any website, resulting in a 502 or 404 error.

There are two kinds of errors:

a) A 502 error indicates a problem with the website server.

b) A 404 error means that the page was not found on the website.
12 days ago   1