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1. Whether you like it or not, you need to mention your blog name in the video. Mention it in subtitles, request to subscribe/ visit you blog for more details, mention that you have placed the link to your blog in the description, mention about your blog as many times and wherever appropriate during the video.
2. Give the link to your blog post in the description
3. Tag /link the relevant blogpost to the video, suggested reads, and mention it in your video

These are some of the ways I use on my website and YouTube account.
4 months ago   1
You must gain the trust of your viewers in order for them to visit your website for this purpose. To begin, you must create helpful videos and connect with your followers.

After some time has passed, you may create a video in which you advise your subscribers to go to your website and provide a link to your website in the YouTube video description so that your viewers can go there.
3 months ago   1

You need to make good content. Make an interesting video for your channel. If anyone is watching your video, make that person happy. Use a good video editor for editing video...I suggest you use Two main and free editors apps to use.
2-Inshot video editor and photo editor.

These two editors are very easy to use that make your video good.

2 months ago   2

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