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PBN or Private Blog Network is a network/group of blogs owned by one person or a group. There can be like 3-4 or more blogs in a network. What they do is, for each content they make, they create a link on each blog in the network, increasing the link juice.
This way, if one site ranks, others in the group also rank. This sounds cool, as increasing link juice is a favourable thing for SEO, but no. This in turn gets a penalty and google may ban completely from indexing.
So, what the issue is here,
Let say each site had 10k links each, and all from PBN, not outside.
So, the percentage of links within PBN increase. But, as there are no or fewer links from outside PBN, google can detect that it is manually generated links and not natural.

So, PBN which is a black hat SEO trick, is not preferred.


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Websites that are banned by search engines. Additionally, these are the websites that don't follow the rules of search engines and are more engaged in black hat SEO techniques.
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