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Aamit Sainii Selected

Aamit Sainii

2 years ago
wp-config.php one of the most essential documents of a WordPress installation. It resides in the root listing and carries regular definitions and PHP directions that make WordPress work the way you want. The wp-config.php file shops facts like database connection details, desk prefix, paths to particular directories and a lot of settings associated to particular points (e.g. Posts, Users, Settings, etc).

Manish Singh Bisht Selected

Manish Singh Bisht

1 year ago
wp-config. php is the core WordPress files. It contains information about the database, including the name, host, username, and password. This information allows WordPress to communicate with the database to store and retrieve data (e.g. Posts, Users, Settings, etc).
You can also add some custom important codes on this.
You can access it via your file manager.