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The visual appearance, the layout, navigation of pages and posts everything comes together as one package in WordPress. These are collectively called as a 'theme' in WordPress.
You can choose and customize a theme of a your choice as per your preferences.
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WordPress Theme is a User Friendly Framework for your Blog or Website. By which the Visual Appearance of your site can be customized. In simple language, how your site will look from Front, its entire management is done by Theme key.

But it is not like the appearance of any photo or picture. Rather it displays the complete presentation. In which, on the mere click of the user, various types of changes can be seen clearly. As -

• Theme Design : Available according to the name of the theme.
• Font : Style, Size and Color
• Page Layout: Static, Responsive, One/Two Coloumn etc.
• Theme Color : Any Dark or Light Color
• Template Design : Desktop or Mobile
Post and Archives Overlook
• Style Sheets

WordPress Themes are actually a set of several essential files. Like Graphics, Code and Style sheet etc. But its technical part runs on the background. And by just clicking by us, changes are done automatically in its Coding Settings.
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A WordPress theme is a folder of files that work together to create the design of your site. A theme includes template files, stylesheets, images, and possibly JavaScript files. All those files change how your blog posts and pages are displayed. ... You can even create your own custom themes for a unique web design.
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