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White hat seo is a legal and preferred way of doing SEO. Whatever done under this is a safe practice. It includes like
1. Guest posting
2. Mentions
3. Social Signals
4. Link sharing
5. Directories
6. Speed optimisations

guest posting is one way of doing SEO, where you post a quality article on another site, to get backlink as well some organic traffic. this is good until the quality of content Is good.
Directories work as a guide to find sites, still used by some people. They also help in ranking by indexing your links.
Speed optimsations are for your blog, the more optimised it is , the more chances of google to rank your content in SERP.

These are all white hat SEO techniques, safe to implement.

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White hat SEO provides you with high-quality visitors that you can keep on your site for a long time. If Google detects any unlawful behaviour when using black hat SEO, it will lower your position on the search engine.
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If we tell you in one line, then every search engine has some guidelines and rules. Following whom we have to do search engine optimization of our website. Which we call white hat seo. This is very important for our website.
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