January 03rd, 2024

What is System Software?

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shoviv software
1 year ago Selected

System software refers to a type of software that enables a computer's hardware to function and communicate with the user and other software. It includes operating systems, device drivers, firmware, utility programs, and other software components that provide a platform for running applications.

System software acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware, providing a layer of abstraction that makes it easier for users to interact with their computers. Examples of system software include Windows, macOS, Linux, device drivers for printers and graphics cards, and system utilities like antivirus software and disk cleanup tools.

Overall, system software is essential for the proper functioning of a computer system, providing the foundation upon which all other software runs.

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago
It includes the default programs of the computer that handle the basic functions of the computer. They are responsible for controlling, integrating and managing the individual hardware components of a computer system. That is, the main function of system software is to manage and control the hardware components so that the application software can do its job properly. System software can be divided into two major categories; System Management Program and System Utilities Program.
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