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Using appropriate Keywords and good placement of keywords are important in on-page SEO. A focus keyword can be used upto a limited number of times per post.

But, if you over-use it, like many times repeatedly in the same paragraph and same post, it is called keyword stuffing.
It is not good from the content quality and SEO point of view.
* Overuse of the same word in a paragraph might sort of change the grammar/meaning of what you originally intended to convey.
* readers might find it annoying/boring to see the same word over and over again.
* search engine bots too may detect the overuse as bad for SEO

There is no ideal number of times that you can use a word. But usually 3-4 times in a post is considered as optimum. You can use it as what you feel is good, provided you don't compromise on the content quality and reader experience.
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When someone tries to manipulate their rank in search results by focusing on relevant terms, this is known as keyword stuffing. When keywords are dispersed throughout the content or in the meta tags of a page, search engines may detect this. If the same keywords are used too closely together, the search engine will reject the site, and it will appear lower in the search results.

Keyword stuffing examples-

1.Keyword density:--- If The keyword "Indibloghub Best Indian Directory" appears eight times in a 60-word paragraph. That's an unacceptably large number, and search engines will penalize you.

2.The paragraph is not written in a casual manner for people to read. Its purpose is to fool Google's search engine crawlers. Any visitor who comes across this text will be immediately turned off and will quit the site.

3.Content goal:--- There's no reason for the paragraph to be organised or cohesive. It's basically a place where you can search for "Indibloghub Best Indian Directory".
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