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With every SEO update, google adds new algorithms and detections. So sometimes, it may detect
1. Increased backlinks of a site
2. unnatural links
3. Spam links

So, whenever google finds some unnatural or wrong links, it may penalize you for violating link schemes. (There are more violations) Because of the penalty, google may stop showing your results on SERP for some time or up to the next updates.
This is known as a Google penalty and leads to a drop in the rankings of a site.
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Google Algorithm Penalty means that due to the various reasons given below by the Google search engine, the blog has to be removed completely from its strong search engine or some blog post has to be removed from its number in the search engine and placed on the last page. Google can damage any blog with two types of penalties which are given below.

1: Partial Manual Penalty.
2: Google Automatic Penalty.

Google is also very clever, punishing webmasters who adopt all kinds of wrong activities by removing updates under different names. The way in which the parents punish in different ways for the deterioration of any small child, Google Baba also takes out Algorithm Update every year under different names and directly punishes the website and blog. Is. You must also know the information about Google Algorithm Update launched from Pichle 2011.

• Panda Update (2011)

When the Panda Update came in 2011, many websites with low quality content were targeted, as a result of which their blogs were found to have low quality content, Plagiarized, Irrelevant and Keyword Stuffing, their blogs were read to face a Google penalty.

• Penguin Algorithm Update (2012)

When the Google Penguin Update came in 2012, it first targeted the blogs of webmasters who created Poor Quality Links. The main purpose of this update was to penalize the website or blog of webmasters using any Automatic Link Building Software or having Law Quality Links.

• Hummingbird (2013)

Websites that use Long Tail Search Queries more were affected by the Hummingbird Algorithm Update. Because the main reason for the Google update was to punish the blogger's website by understanding Human Speech and using Random Keyword Searching only for the search engine and to use more stable searching for its search engine users.
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