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Find expired domains with less spam score and high DA, PA. check broken and 404 links using tools like ahref, and check google cached pages or pages for content which were generating traffic. Link these pages to pages in your domain with relevant content like if you have a page about Wordpress, and expired domain have a link which was about Wordpress, redirect the expired domain page to the required domain page.
Add main domain redirection to your domain (which you want to benefit from Seo)

The main thing is to just add 301 redirect and slowly in time, you will see rank going up as search engines starts crawling redirected content.
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Balvinder Singh exactly. Its not just buying would do a miracle in SEO. It's more of a proper planning and execution that can lead to long term ranking, traffic and proper SEO...
5 months ago   2
Rahul Gupta yes, its a long time process, but sometimes work instantly based on site stats and popularity.
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1. 301 Redirect

301 redirection is a very easy way to transfer all the link juice to a new website or blog. Because anyone buys an expired domain after looking at the seo audit, then its seo is better than before.

If you want to grow your online business quickly then this is a very good way. You can easily make any new website or blog visible in the search engine.

2. Build an Authority site on that Domain

As I have talked about earlier, if you buy a domain keeping in mind the domain age, da, pa, then you can easily grow any new website or blog. Most of the big companies grow their website through this in a very short time.

If you buy a domain with a good authority, then you can get a very good result by writing 50 or 100 articles in it. If you create a website or blog with a new domain, then it will take you a lot of time to grow it.

3. Private Blog Network

This is a slightly different method. If you have a lot of sites and you want to rank them, then you can use the expired domain in PBN.

Mostly it is used by many SEO experts. They add the link of the site they want to rank in their private blog network. This gives dofollow backlink.

For this you have to buy a domain with high pagerank and domain authority. Only then people will want to buy backlinks from you. However, it is a bit difficult to get such domains but sometimes they can be found. If you keep checking regularly, then you will also get such domains.
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