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What is an SSL certificate?

What is an SSL certificate?

What is SSL Full Form?

SSL is an abbreviation used for Secure Sockets Layers, which is an Encryption Protocol which is being used by many websites. This protocol provides a secure connection with the website and Internet browser. It provides security to the Internet user to exchange his private data with another website. Nowadays all the online business people are using SSL Protocol so that they can secure the customers and the online transactions being done by them.

Now you must be thinking that how will you know which website has the protocol of SSL Certificate, then you must have seen that the URL of some website starts with "Http:" and some with 'Https:'. So you get to see this "S" on those websites where the user's data is kept secure, this "S" means that your connection on that website is secure and any data given by you is secure on it. And the technology that powers that "S" is called SSL.

Types of SSL Certificates?

1. Single Domain SSL Certificate: In this type of SSL certificate, we can install SSL only on our domain name. If we create sub-domains then we cannot install SSL on them. Meaning Single Domain SSL can be installed only for the domain, not for any type of subdomain.

2. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate: We can install this type of SSL on our domain as well as on all domains. Apart from this, if we have different versions of our website, then SSL can be activated on all of them.

3. Organization Validation SSL Certificate: This type of SSL is used to secure the business website. So that the customer does not have any problem in giving his personal details.

4. EV SSL Certificate: This SSL is also for business only. The address bar of the business website using this type of SSL shows green color and also shows the name of the business. This is a Highly Secure SSL Certificate.

How does SSL work?

SSL Certificate uses two types of keys, one is Public Key and the other is Private Key. Public Key is used to encrypt information and Private Key is used to decrypt information.

Suppose a user wants to get information about a topic, then he searches that topic in the browser, then the web browser connects to the server of the website and that website server is using SSL Protocol, the user can access that website server.

Requests that he should provide his information which has been searched by the user.

After the request by the user, the web server sends the public key to the webserver with the help of SSL certificate, that is, brings that data in front of us and after checking that SSL certificate, we decide that we should visit that website. Whether to give private data or not, if you want to give your private data, then it gives an encryption message to the server of the website.

After that the website's server decrypts that encryption message and then it sends an Acknowledgment to the browser to start SSL Encryption with the user, after that our private data is securely shared between that browser and the website server.

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
SSL Certificate is the medium that allows an Internet user to securely share his/her personal information with a website.

Technically speaking, SSL are small data files that are used in the Internet. This is an encryption protocol. When SSL is installed in a server, it makes the connection between the browser and the website secure. SSL is mainly used to make online transactions, data transfer and login details secure.
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Sujit Singh
3 years ago Selected
SSL Certificates is a digital certificate. Which you can buy from any organization or on your own. This creates a secure connection between your web browser and your web server.

This certificate includes the certificate holder's name, serial number, expiration, public key of the certificate holder and a digital signature provided by the certificate issuing authority.

Having an SSL Certificate on a website means that you can trust this site, no hacker can see its information. SSL Certificate encrypts all your information and sends it to the web server.

Example – Suppose you want to send money to a friend of yours in a remote village where there is no mobile banking facility or internet. If you want to send money there, it will reach your friend only after handing over money to some people.

Now if you ask someone to reach your friend's address with money. So he goes some distance and likewise hands over the money to someone else.

Think about how much your money is at risk. But if you lock the money in a box and close it and give the information of the key to your friend and send the box. So no matter how many people hand over it, there will be no fear of theft because the lock will be opened only by your friend's key which you have told your friend.

Similarly, you would use SSL, for example, to access your confidential information securely to a web server.
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SSL is an abbreviation used for Secure Sockets Layers, which are encryption protocols used on the internet to secure information exchange and provide certificate information.

These certificates provide an assurance to the user about the identity of the website they are communicating with. SSL may also be called TLS or Transport Layer Security protocol.

In most modern web browsers, users can click on the SSL icon displayed in the address bar to view certification, identification and other information about a website.
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Sadique Mannan
3 years ago
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are protocols for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers. Although the SSL protocol was deprecated with the release of TLS 1.0 in 1999, it is still common to refer to these related technologies as “SSL” or “SSL/TLS.” The most current version is TLS 1.3, defined in RFC 8446
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Tech Guru Seo
3 years ago
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard for encrypted communication between servers and browsers. A browser receives and interprets this certificate and verifies its authenticity. Once the verification has been performed, all the data sent through the secure connection is encrypted.
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1 year ago
Keep sharing. Thanks for sharing your informative post. Your post was very informative and enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing such great content with my vision.
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