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SEO title optimization is an important factor that search engines use to determine whether or not your page is relevant to a search query. In short, if you want to boost your rankings, you need to pay attention to SEO title optimization. It's an easy way to get an edge over your competitors.
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Some ways to achieve it are:
1. Use keywords (preferably long tail, focus keywords)
2. Keep the title tag as simple and short as possible (within 60 characters is preferred, but it's not the limit)
3. Write compelling titles such that it makes the readers want to click on it.
4. Title should be able to convey the jist/context of what is the content in your blog post
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Titles should be
1. short title of length around 60
2. start with number like 5 BEst, 10 top
3. Start with question words like why use SEO plugin, how to add images
4. do add year at end like plugins of 2021
5. do use emotional words like plugins must use, you need to know,
6. include long tail keyword that contains short keywords
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the title tag should be around 60 characters. 
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If you will not tell the Meta title tag and Meta description well in any of your posts.

So Search Engine by default will pick up any line according to Searching Keywords from your article post and show it as a title. This is absolutely wrong according to the rules of SEO.

If you want to make good ranking of your website, then it is very important to optimize your title tag.

Make sure in your blog that the Meta title tag and Meta description are set according to SEO. By doing this, the search engine will show the set title and meta in the search result.

It is very important to put the required keyword in the title. In this, the same keyword should be entered which is the main topic of your article. This keyword will get a good ranking in the search result.
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