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Black hat means using unethical/illegal ways to rank your blog. Black hat includes all bad practices for making links for SEO from various sources.
These include
1. PBN (Private Blog Networks)
2. Traffic Generator tools
3. Links generator tool
4. Generating low quality links from comment/forums .

some people do use these softwares to generate fake traffic and links which increase the SEO ranking, but not for long. These types of links comes under spam, and google filters most of them and does not count for ranking.
Same way traffic generators will give you organic traffic, which ahrefs or analytics will show, but this also gets filtered as a single resource. Also google keeps on adding more filters, so this way your traffic gets dropped, so ranking .

These are some black hat SEO techniques, that may or may not work for all. But I will prefer not to use this as your blog can be negatively affected by this.

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the black hat SEO is a technique for getting a website to rank higher in search results that goes against search engine standards. These unethical techniques do not benefit the searcher and frequently result in search engine penalties. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, and the use of secret link networks are examples of black hat tactics. Here are some example-

1. Stuffing Keywords

Keyword stuffing is the technique of adding irrelevant terms into your content in order to affect where the page ranks in search results pages. Users will have a negative experience if you utilise many variants of keywords that offer no value. It may also lead your page to appear in search results for unrelated terms.


Separate pointing is done to the search engine and to the website visitors in Cloaking. This is comparable to having two sides to a single object. The face that search engine spiders see is not the same as the face that visitors see. It's a search engine optimization strategy in which the content or information displayed to users differs from the material or information offered to search engine crawlers.

Bonus point-

When you rank your blog post top on google then searching your keyword, for example, "Hindi pdf download" then you will see some site while clicking them they will redirect to another irreverent site. (haha your competitor are doing this)

In most cases, their intention is not to beat your site but get some traffic from your ranked keyword and they add CPA ads on those site to earn easy money.
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This is a technique of Seo in which such methods are used to get high traffic by ignoring the rules of the search engine, which are done keeping in mind only the search engine robots.

You will find many such websites on the internet which make thousands of links for your website by taking some money. This link is created by spam and automated website. Which are easily recognized by the Boots and Spider of the search engine. After which your website can be blocked.

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