July 11th, 2024

Why is blogging so popular?

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Balvinder Singh
3 years ago Selected
Blogging is popular for many things like
- anyone can write anywhere
- source of income
- freelance
- you are the boss
- can be done along the main business
- sharing your thoughts
- be an influencer with your voice
- helping people with your knowledge
- to learn more as we need to research more to write more
there are many other things
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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Blogging Is Famous for The Follwoing Reason.

1. Benefits of Blogging – Be Your Own Boss

The biggest advantage of blogging is that there is no pressure on you. In other words we can say that you are your own boss. Work when you want, don't work when you don't want to.

You cannot get so much convenience and freedom in any job. When you are doing a job, you have to work. Not a single one of you walks in front of your boss. On this basis we can say that blogging is many times better than any job.

2. Benefits of Blogging - Earn money sitting at home

The second biggest advantage of blogging is that you can do this work even while sitting at home. You don't need to go anywhere. Working from home gives you a different comfort. Today there are many people who want to earn money sitting at home, but they cannot do so even if they want. Blogging can do this work easily.

Who wants to have to leave home for work in the scorching sun or harsh winter? We are compelled to go out of the house. If you do blogging then you do not need to go anywhere. You can do this work comfortably while sitting at home with a cup of tea or drinking a cold drink and earn money.

3. Benefits of Blog - Take a vacation whenever you want

When we do a job, we have to make some excuse from the boss to move around. Sometimes our excuse works, sometimes it doesn't. Our friends go out for a walk and we keep on liking our friends' holiday pictures on Facebook. This is not the case in blogging.

If you want to travel somewhere with your friends or family, then you do not need to take anyone's permission. You can comfortably go wherever you want to go, for as many days as you want. In the meantime, you can also stop your work. In this way, stopping the work in between will not affect your earning.

4. Benefits of Blogging – Take money even for not working

When we do any job or business, we get money only as long as we keep working. Not working simply means - no work, no money. One, our salary is very less, if we are not able to go to work forcibly, then its money is deducted separately.

This is not the case in blogging. In blogging, if you are not able to work for a month or 2-4 months, then you also get money for it. Even if you leave blogging, you will still get money. I consider this a great advantage of blogging.

5. Benefits of Blogging – No Cost

If you are not doing any job then surely you must be thinking about some business. Lakhs of rupees are needed for any business. It is not possible for a common man to collect so much money. Even if somehow we start a business by collecting money, then there is no guarantee that our business will run or not. If for some reason our business is not able to run, then it will not take us long to come on the road.

This is not the case in blogging. You do not need to invest anything in this. You must be feeling strange to hear this but it is true. You do not need to invest anything in blogging. You can earn lakhs of rupees from blogging without investing. At present, many bloggers are earning lakhs of rupees a month from blogging.
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Manish Singh Bisht
2 years ago Selected
Blogging is popular for a number of reasons. Some of the main True reasons include:

1. Easy access to publishing tools: With platforms like WordPress, anyone can easily create and publish a blog without needing any technical expertise.
2. The ability to share ideas and experiences: Blogging allows people to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with a wide audience. This can be especially appealing for individuals who want to share their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic.
3. The opportunity to build an online community: Blogging allows people to connect with others who have similar interests and form online communities around their blogs.
4. The potential to monetize a blog: While not all bloggers monetize their blogs, there are many opportunities to do so through advertising, sponsored content, and selling products or services related to the blog's niche.
5. The ability to reach a global audience: Blogs can be read by anyone with an internet connection, which means that bloggers have the potential to reach a global audience.
But Nowadays main reason is Earning from Blogs via Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship etc.
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