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Hitha Nanjappa Selected

Hitha Nanjappa

2 years ago
CPC stands for Cost per click. It is the amount you earn for each unique click on any of the ads in a blog. Example, digital Advertisements placed through platforms such as Google AdWords, etc. CPC is also an important metric while calculating the earnings through blogs (through ads).

Himangshu Kalita Selected

Himangshu Kalita

2 years ago
CPC stands for Cost Per Click. The cost per click (CPC) is the amount you must pay for each click. It is determined by the traffic platforms [such as Facebook, Google, and others]. CPC allows you to set the amount you want to pay for each click.

Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

2 years ago
When you create an ad on Google Ads, then there you decide the cost per click on the ad, that is, you pay Google Ads only when someone clicks on your ad, it is called CPC (Cost Par Click). Apart from this, you can also decide the cost of every impression and pay on the basis of that i.e. it is not necessary that your ad is clicked, here the payment will be decided based on how many times your ad was seen.

Sujit Singh Selected

Sujit Singh

2 years ago

The full form of CPC is Cost Per Click. CPC is used a lot in online advertising. The CPC of any blog is not fixed. Because, CPC depends on the content. As will the content, so will the CPC. If someone writes about insurance, loan, finance or makes a video, then his CPC will be high. Because, advertisers spend more money on this keyword.

This is the reason that even after having 100000 views on a blog, its earnings are low, while some blogs make very good income even on 10000 views.