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There used to be a time when all links were good if backlinks counted but google with updates started pointing out bad links, decreasing the rankings. So, to overcome this issue, Google created a tool, disavow tool.

The Disavow tool is a tool by google that accepts a list of links separated by a new line with a wildcard domain or single links like or This list tells Google not to count these links when calculating the ranking of your blog. So, it works as a filter for only including quality backlinks.
Let explain with an example, we have 10 backlinks, of which only 6 are spam-free and high-quality links to your website, and the other 4 have a high spam score. So, you can submit a list with those 4 links to tell google, not to include this.

Note: It sounds good for SEO, but it is a double edge sword, that can give your website a boost, as well drop down rankings. So this tool, should be used with care.
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Google Disavow tool is designed for all webmasters and with the help of this tool you can tell google which backlink of your blog you want to keep and which backlink to remove.

Whenever you take a backlink from a website and that backlink is spam due to which the ranking of your website goes down and there are chances of your website getting penalty from a search engine like google, then you contact the admin of that website that Remove that spam backlink from your website, but even after making a lot of requests, if the admin of that website does not remove that backlink, then you can remove the spam backlink using Google Disavow tool.
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