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There used to be a time when all links were good if backlinks counted but google with updates started pointing out bad links, decreasing the rankings. So, to overcome this issue, Google created a tool, disavow tool.

The Disavow tool is a tool by google that accepts a list of links separated by a new line with a wildcard domain or single links like or This list tells Google not to count these links when calculating the ranking of your blog. So, it works as a filter for only including quality backlinks.
Let explain with an example, we have 10 backlinks, of which only 6 are spam-free and high-quality links to your website, and the other 4 have a high spam score. So, you can submit a list with those 4 links to tell google, not to include this.

Note: It sounds good for SEO, but it is a double edge sword, that can give your website a boost, as well drop down rankings. So this tool, should be used with care.
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