Rahul Gupta

May 21, 2021

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google keyword tool, ahref, kwfinder
1 year ago   1
Amit Gupta for free Google keyword planner is very good
1 year ago   2
top and Best only Ahref
1 year ago   2
Vijay Chandora yeah it's great
1 year ago   1
Vijay Chandora Ahrefs shows random results for keywords. It's best only for backlink analysis
1 year ago   1
If you are a newbie then you can go with Google keyword planner as it is free to use and gives you a basic idea about the keywords their volume etc.

If you can afford the paid version of keyword research tool then I would suggest you to go with KW finder. The reason I trust KW finder is that it always shows accurate results accurate search volume and difficulty as compared to other paid keyword tools.
1 year ago   1
If looking for free keyword tool then it's Uber Suggest and if Paid then Ahref. Google keyword planner is not a keyword planner for your website it's only to plan ads.
1 year ago   1
Debasis Nayak thanks for the info
1 year ago   2
Rahul Gupta You are welcome :-)
1 year ago   2
Ubersuggest. It's free now!
8 months ago   1
Manabendra Chakraborty Correct and it provides a lot of free stats which is very useful for someone who don't want to pay for keyword research
8 months ago   0
Are you searching for the best Keyword Research tools? If yes, here is the best keyword tools. You can pick any tool from the below-given list and start collecting the awesome profitable keywords to ranking keywords within a few minutes.

best keyword research tools for SEO Keyword research is essential for blogging. Keyword research used to be a very long process and time-consuming one in the olden days, but with the advent of different tools for SEO, keyword research has become easy. Many bloggers used to enjoy days and Nights, collecting the best keywords to write articles in the olden days. But now, with the right keyword research tool, you can do it just within minutes.

Here is the List of Best Keyword Research Tools
1. SEMRUSH – All-in-one Marketing Toolkit
2. AHREFS Keyword Research Tool
3. KWFinder – to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty
4. Long Tail Pro – Best Keyword Research Tool
5. SERPSTAT – Growth Hacking Tool for SEO
6. Moz SEO keyword research tool
7. Google keyword planner
8. UberSuggest – Free Keyword Tool to get more Suggestions

Why Use a Keyword Research Tool?
As we go, keyboards play an important role in ranking your websites. With most people being online for more than 8 hours a day, they tend to search for different things in Google before purchasing them. If you only get your hand on what people are about to explore and serve the results, ultimately, you will get benefited. Here is where the keywords play a vital role.

The keywords tell you what the people are exactly searching for in Google.

Keyword research can be done in two ways to find the important keyword. It will help you rank in Google by finding the speed keyword for your query or finding the keywords that have already given success to many other bloggers. Many bloggers find proven keywords easy to rank on google. Most of my content is optimizing with the TF-IDF keywords by using the Website Auditor tool from SEO PowerSuite.

If you are new to blogging, I recommend you to have a quick look at my keyword research guide, where you will find different keyword strategies in the original 2020, before finding the best keyword research tools.

You can check more details: https://bloggingden.com/best-keyword-research-tools/
7 months ago   1
You can also chek ubersuggest
24 days ago   1
Lijo Francis I have tried it but it allow 3 daily basis... But yeah the results are good.
24 days ago   0