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Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

2 years ago
If your website or blog is in WordPress, then there you can use Header tags by using the following methods-

For this, first of all, write your article.
Now here you have to publish your article, for which first you have to click on add new post.

After that paste the article you have written.

Now here you have to add headertags in between all the paragraphs. For this, select the line you want to make your heading.

Now change the selected line to H1tag.

Similarly, by selecting all the headings one after the other, change them to H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags.

Subhash Kumar

Subhash Kumar

2 years ago
Use related keywords in h2 tag .

Balvinder Singh

Balvinder Singh

2 years ago
H2 tags are used for section headings mainly, when we have a long content. Like headinfs can be
- What is Seo
- Why we do SEO
- How to do SEO

these headings are used to mark parts of content for search engines to use for
- rich snippets
- table of contents
- sharing for people only selected parts
- division of content in parts
- keyword targetting