January 03rd, 2024

How does Pinterest help a blogger to grow their blog?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1: Do Pinterest Keyword Research

First of all you have to do keyword research. Because if you put pins without keyword research, then it will reach many people or it may happen that no one even sees that pin. For this, you type anything in the Pinterest search bar related to your niche, after that you get to see many of its suggestions.

Out of that you have to select any one. Keep in mind that you will take only those keywords on which the competition is less. To see the competition on it, you search for that keyword and see how many pins have been uploaded on that keyword. If many pins have already been put on that keyword, then it would be better if you do not work on those keywords. In this way you have to find a keyword.

2: Upload Pins to Trending Searches

Friends, you have to put a photo by doing keyword research, but apart from this, you will also have to put pins on top of some trending topics. This will mean that your photo will start ranking quickly. To know about the trending topic, you have to go to the search page and all the topics which will be running in the trend will be found there. Then you have to make photos on those topics and upload them.

3: Create Eye Catching Image

Friends, now it is the turn to make photos. You can use any app for this. Keep in mind that you do not have to download the photo from Google and make it yourself. You have to make such photos which are unique and no one has made such a photo. Along with this, your photo should be Eye Catching so that whenever someone sees that photo, they must click on it. This will bring more and more traffic to your blog.

4: Put the keyword in your title and description

Friends, the keyword you have chosen, you have to put that keyword in your title and description as well. This will happen that whenever a person searches for that keyword and that keyword will be in both your title and description, it increases the chances of your pin coming on top in the search. So always put your keywords in your title and description.

5: Use Hashtag

Friends Hashtag also plays an important role in making your pins viral. Whenever you enter a pin, also use the hashtag related to your keyword. You can put hashtag in your description. Keep in mind that you do not have to write any unnecessary words in the hashtag, but only use the hashtag associated with that keyword.

6: Upload 10 photos daily

Friends, if you do this, if you put a photo today, then leave two or three days and then put 4-5 photos, then Pinterest will feel that you are not serious about your work but have come just to pass the time and this will help you. The photo will never go to more people nor will it ever be viral. That's why you have to make a time table and put at least 10 pins every day. So that your account will grow quickly.

7: Add the url of your post

Friends, now the last thing that remains is to give the url of your blog or the url of any of your posts in the pins of Pinterest so that people come to your post from there, which will give you a lot of traffic. For this, by clicking on the button with Add A Link, you can give any of your links related to the pin on which you want to take traffic.
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3 years ago
here is how Pinterest help bloggers to grow

Create and name a board after your blog.
Structure a winning pin.
Check SEO from your end.
Create related boards.
Create a staff board.
Make your blog Pinnable.
Be sure to engage with your followers.
Include captivating images.
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Rajesh Kumar
3 years ago
Pinterest gets you a lot of traffic back to your website as clicking on the image on Pinterest opens the link to the website.
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Unlike the other social media networks, Pinterest is primarily a search engine. With amazing pins and an optimised Pinterest business account, you can expand your blog on Pinterest by getting your content in front of the correct audience.

Have fun pinning!
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