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1. First of all go to

2. Sign up with your Gmail account to create a blog

3. Now you see two options Google+ Profile and Blogger Profile, select any one and set Profile. After that click on Create Blog. Follow the steps given below.

• Title

Write the title of your blog like if the address of your blog is then write Sujitsingh here.

• Address

Write the address of your blog, this is the address that people access your blog by searching in Google like If the address given by you is available then you will see the message “This blog address is available”.

• Theme

If you want to keep any kind of theme of your blog, select it which you can change later.

Your blog is ready as soon as you click on Create Blog. Now you can publish it by writing a post on your blog and then you can start earning money by connecting it to Google Adsense.
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As you are probably new to blogging. GO to and sign up with any of your social account. There you can do blog and at the same time get lakhs of users reading the content (not actually coming until you write good content).
Also, you can create a publication there and work with a subdomain (you can later add domain) .
Write a few posts there, build up organic traffic and enjoy. No need of blogger/wordpress if you are just starting.

If you want to earn (that is a very long time to come) move to Wordpress hosting and share there. After moving to Wordpress, you can post all articles from medium to there and add canonical link to the new source. (Help traffic flow as well SEO boost)
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1. Choose a niche that u want to write in
2. Select a hosting platform
3. Create content
4. Post the blogs
5. Get traffic to your blog
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