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Click bait is a colloquial term used to attract readership/visitors to a content page/blog by creating attractive title.
This can be achieved either using creative page title, meta description or the featured image for a post/blog when you share it in social media.

It is the first impression you create to a potential reader to draw their attention and make them.want to CLICK the link you have shared.
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Clickbait is a term used in content marketing to describe content that is intentionally meant to attract attention through clicks and shares in order to earn advertising income.

The headline of this sort of information is nearly always sensationalist in order to attract attention. Frequently, the substance falls short of the headline's promise or is deceptive in some way. It's for this reason that it's referred to as "clickbait."
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Simply put, click bait is a small part of a content, in which an attention-grabbing title or image is used to attract people.

Often Thumbnail or Title will be seen in Thumbnail of YouTube video, (Example – How to reduce obesity in 10 days, How to earn 10,000 daily sitting at home) etc. Video Title and Thumbnail will be seen.

In fact, everyone will see that Thumbnail or Title and click on it, but nothing like this will be found in that video related to Title or Thumbnail, but will not get as much as is given in Title and Thumbnail.

However, by clicking, that Youtubers must have got money, whether you watch that video completely or cut it after watching a few seconds.

Clickbait is mostly used by Youtubers, it is used to bring views on videos, due to which they can earn a lot of money from YouTube.
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