Rahul Gupta

May 15, 2021

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1. Just stay focused, create content on regular basis.
2.Write high quality content
3.Use good graphics for audience engagement.
4. Make good internal links
5. Do proper keyword research
6. Do on-page SEO
7. Make backlinks after analyzing your competitors' pages
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Do not copy-paste.
12 months ago   0
Aakanksha Jain that won't take them anywhere except Google penalty
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Aakanksha Jain much needed 😀
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1. Keyword research
2. Quality article
3. On-page / Off-page SEO
4. Work with patience (Without patience you can't success on blogging, even any other online career)
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Ismile Laskar patience and consistency is the key to go for long term
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Market and advertise yourself half of the week if you write the rest of the week.
11 months ago   1
80% On page Seo
20% Off Page Seo
Articlr will be ranked
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1. Quality content. Content is Boss
10 months ago   1
Content is King. Consistency is the key!
10 months ago   1
Tell something about keyword research if there is no search volume on a keyword and seo difficulty is so easy. Should we make a post?
9 months ago   1
Sweety Joshi No. coz ultimately you want to drive traffic for queries made by user.

If the volume is 0 that means no one is searching. Say a volume is 100 and u manage to be on 3rd or 4th position, then hardly you will receive any benefit

Hope its cleared...
9 months ago   2
Rahul Gupta AMazing Thanks
9 months ago   1
New blogger always write
Unique article
Long article
Use long tail keyword
Don't do Copy Paste
Focus on Keyword
Make SEO friendly article
Use internal linking
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Manoj Bhavsar Great tips. Thanks
6 months ago   2

Wow! Great comments. I wrote an article on it. Hope that you find it helpful.

# 01 tip for blogging beginners –  Patience is the key to everything!

 Like every other blogger, I was scared ( literally! ) just because of the realization that I’d have to learn a lot and I’d never be able to cope. But now, at the end of the first year, I know that it was so silly of me!

# 02 tip for blogging beginners –  Reaching the target audience!

 After struggling for a few months ( Yes, you read it right- a few months!! ) I got my rhythm and could manage to cope with the schedules. ( Thanks to my team! )

Now, being a content creator what do you want? (प्यार चाहिए या पैसा चाहिए, यार दिलदार तुझे…?? laughing )

First, one needs a community who understands what exactly you’re trying to convey.

Here in my case, family or friends weren’t able to understand what I was doing then how could I expect someone else to do it?

#03 tip for blogging beginners –  Be open and be yourself!

 Blogging is just not think, write, review, publish and sit on your armchair sipping a cup of coffee!

It is as demanding as any other businesses. It includes serious planning, research, quality control, designing and promotion. It’s better to have a skilled team when you want to become a successful blogger!

Continue Reading: https://swatisjournal.com/it-is-the-first-anniversary-5-tips-for-bloggers/

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Swati Joshi Patience is the key if any blogger want to go for long term and keep writing as well as sharing articles.

Building a strong community and increasing readers will help in long run.
21 days ago   1
Content is king. So, choose only the subject in which you are an expert or which you like or love to write. It will help you to create unique content for your blog.
20 days ago   1
Rajesh Kumar Correct. Content around what your audience likes to read will surely keep your visitors engaged and increase traffic as well...
20 days ago   1