Rahul Gupta

Sep 20, 2021

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It is up to an individual how much effort and time they want to invest in a blog. Making money from a blog will depend on various factors based on individuals. I can explain what has helped me:

My blog is not my main source of income, Having a blog has helped me to market myself when I pitch to potential clients. This my earnings made from the blog is a combination of the below things:
1. Content writing (its like selling my work, without name credits anywhere)
2. Paid guest posts on the blog
3. Published articles on media
4. Ghost writing
5. Affiliate marketing
6. Paid consultation
7. Sponsored posts
8. Sponsored travel
9. Mark 'Premium Content' on the blog
10. Sell stock images
11. AdSense (I still don't have an approved account, so I don't earn through this)
12. Create YouTube videos and link it in your blog posts (your videos can earn)
13. Participate in various marketing/ influencer programs on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms

I hope this helps!

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Hitha Nanjappa Affiliate marketing is on boom nowadays and higher chances of getting paid for efforts you put into writing/marketing...
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