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Sep 20, 2021

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To receive AdSense clearance, you'll need the following items.

1. Website that is at least 30 days old.

2. .in .com,.net,.org(recommend bcz it takes less time) will be accepted as well, although it will take longer to get approved.

3. The website should have a contact us page and a sitemap.

4. There should be at least 20 posts.

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1. Top Level Domain

Domain name is very important for a blog or website. Because this is what defines a blog. That is why definitely use a Top Level Domain for your blog. Such as .com, .in, .net, .org, .info etc. Not only this, it will be easy to get approval of Adsense. Rather, you will also get good traffic.

If you are using Free or Sub Domain then it can be difficult to get Approval. Therefore, before submitting the blog, definitely buy the domain. Also, definitely map it with your blog. So that it is easy to get approval.

2. Responsive Design

This is extremely important. Because not every person uses the same device. Some use computer, some use tablet, some use laptop and some use Smartphone. In such a situation, the design of the blog should be such that it opens correctly in every device. That is, no element of any page should be mutilated, or go out of the screen. Because this causes a lot of trouble to the users. And Google is very strict about this thing.

That is why pay special attention to the design of your blog. Use a good responsive theme. And design the Header, Footer and Sidebar properly. Also use Logo and Favicon. And navigate all the important pages, categories and menus of the blog in a proper way. So that users do not face any problem.

3. Fast Loading

The loading speed of the blog should be fast. Because Google gives more priority to Fast Loading Sites. That's why if you use Widgets, CSS Files and Java Scripts from all over the world on your blog! So remove them. Because because of them the blog becomes slow. Due to which there is a problem in getting the approval of Adsense.

That's why use a Lightweight and Fast Theme for your blog. And keep the page size less than 100KB. Also do not use HD and Full HD images. Because this unnecessarily increases the size of the page. Due to which the page takes a long time to load. That's why compress the images and use them.

4. Important Pages

It is very important to have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Desclaimer, Privacy Policy, Copyright and Terms and Conditions on your blog. Because these pages give important information about your blog. Such as give complete information about the subject, purpose, content, copyright policy, privacy policy and terms and conditions of use of the blog. That is why it is very important to have these pages. If you do not have these pages on your blog, then Google will reject your blog. Therefore, while creating a blog, definitely make these pages.

5. Original Content

Your content should be absolutely original and unique. That is, it should not be copied from anywhere. Because Copied Content cannot be Monetized. That is why before submitting the blog, check it thoroughly. That there is no such material on your blog, on which you do not have copyright. If there is such material, then first remove it and then apply.

6. Supported Topics

All your articles must comply with Google's Terms & Conditions. And no article should be on Unethical Topic. Such as content promoting Hacking, Cracking, Piracy, Drugs and illegal things. Because these topics are like this. Which violates the Terms & Conditions of Google Adsense. That is why Google does not tolerate such topics at all.

7. Posts In All Categories

No category on your blog should be empty. That is, there should be posts in every category. For example, if you have 10 categories on your blog, then there should be posts in all 10 categories. Actually, seeing the empty categories, Google understands that your blog is not complete yet. And there is a lack of content on the blog. That's why Google rejects your blog.

8. Length of Posts

Post length matters a lot to Google. But the question is, how long should a blog post be? That is, how many words should it contain? So there is no perfect answer for this. Because the word limit of posts is also different according to different categories. For example, there is a big difference of word limit in the posts of a Poetry Blog and Tech Blog. Because you can write any long post on Tech Blog. But this is not possible on Poetry Blog.

9. Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic is an important factor for Adsense Approval. But even more important is the source of traffic. That is, where is the traffic coming from? If coming from Search Engines and Social Media. So there will be no problem in getting approval. But if you are taking traffic with the help of unethical methods (Bots, Auto-Click Scripts etc.). So your Adsense Application will be Rejected. So don't take traffic in wrong way.

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