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Write a meta that should

- contain related information on how user do a query
let say you write for security plugins so user may be searching for how to secure Wordpress, how to add security to Wordpress so add like this to meta

- add long tail keywords if possible else add related keywords
like Wordpress security plugins to add security to Wordpress

- sometimes we think it better to add same title text as meta but it is less helpful than new content
so add a different content than the title and content

basically, do write meta as you expect any thing to be searched as a normal user.
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Keeping in mind the things mentioned below, you set the meta title and meta description.

Your main keyword should be used in both Meta Title and Meta Description.

Do not do keyword stuffing at all and keep it as natural as possible. Along with this the description should be appealing so that readers visit your article.

Meta Description and Meta Title have a fixed length, if your title or description is more than this, then Google will not be able to show it completely. To check this, Yoast gives you indication from green line and red line. Green line means that everything is fine.

Try to put the keyword in the front in the meta title.

Keep in mind, Meta title and meta description are the only things that people see before coming to your website, if they are good then naturally more traffic will come to your website.
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Use yoast seo for optimization of meta description.
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