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How do I increase my domain authority in 2022?

Increasing the DA of your website or blog means that increasing the probability of getting a high rank on the search engines. It is challenging to increase the DA and obtain a good score. By following given points, you can improve the DA score of your website-

1. Quality Link Building:

It is one of the most important factors which will help you in increasing DA score. Audit your link profile and try to get as many backlinks. Also, try to get links from high-authority and quality websites as it is considered as a symbol of the trustworthy website. It will take a lot of time to increase your DA score if you are using links from low-quality websites.

Moreover, a few free SEO tools such as SEMrush Backlink Checker, Moz's Link may help you strengthen your link profile by eliminating undesirable links.

2. Don't forget to enhance the interlinking:

As you know linking is creating hyperlinks in your page or post. Interlinking is linking your article to other articles of your websites, which is related to your current article. Interlinking helps the reader to click and be redirected to the other article of your website.

Interlinking helps you to bring more organic traffic by increasing the number of page visits per user. It helps Google to crawl your website in a better way. Along with that, it increases the ranking of a particular keyword which will ultimately help you in increasing your domain authority.

3. Create Engaging Content (Remember, Content is always the KING):

Boosting website’s engagement is another way to improve domain authority. In order to attract more readers and organic traffic, you should post engaging and high-quality content.

This will help you in engaging a loyal audience and in turn, rank your domain based on your content.

4. Boost the Speed & Make sure Your Website Loads Fast:

The speed of any website is also considered as one of the factors to get a higher rank on Google’s search engine page. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on the time your website takes to load.

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Rahul Gupta
3 years ago Selected

1. Quality Content

Publish quality content on your site. So that other bloggers link your content with their site.

When a blogger links your content to his site with no-follow tag, you get a Dofollow backlink. Dofollow Backlinks plays an important role in increasing the Domain Authority of the site or blog.

So always create unique, detailed and well-thought content which is useful for the user. Also focus on the length of the content. Your content length should be at least 1000 words.

2. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is also important in increasing DA score. For this, you have to pay attention to on-page optimization while writing the post and write the metadata of your website correctly.With the help of On-Page SEO, your DA will increase quickly, what factors come in On-Page SEO are as follows.

• Targeted keyword: Keep your permalink and first paragraph from the keyword on which you want to rank your post. Focus mostly on long tail keywords which get ranked very easily.
• Keyword density: Do not use the Focus keyword again and again and if possible, keep it only from 1.5 to 3%.
• Permalink: In Post permalink, you should use focus keyword. If the title of your post is "What is a Blog?" So keep its structure like this https://example.com/blog-kya-hai/
• Meta description: Remember to fill your meta description and use your focus keyword in it.
• Heading Tags: Use Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) according to the need in the post.
• Optimize Image: Optimize the image you are adding to the post.

3. Internal Linking
Well done internal linking not only helps in increasing your domain authority but also you can reduce the bounce rate of your website.

For this, whenever you write a post, add links to your old posts related to its content, this makes the post more informative and attractive.

Its biggest advantage is that your user gets a chance to go from one post to another, which reduces the bounce rate.

4. Generate High Quality Backlinks
It is clearly written here that high quality backlink means that we are talking about making high quality backlinks.

If your DA is 31 and you are taking a backlink from a website with 20 DA, then it will not benefit you much. Make backlinks from those sites whose domain authority is good.

Also, linking to a site with content relevant to your site's content, do not make backlinks from a site that is not related to your site. Like making backlink from health blog for tech blog.

Many bloggers buy backlinks from sites like Fiverr and make low-quality backlinks, which instead of benefiting the blog, they do the opposite. You should not fall for this and do not make the mistake of buying paid backlink.

It will take some effort but manually build backlink from good site, for example share your post on social media website, domain authority of almost all social sites is good.

5. Fix Broken Links

To maintain the ranking of your site in search engines, it is necessary to fix or remove bad and harmful links from your website. If you do not do this then gradually your site will rank down.

This work is similar to making quality backlinks, you have to fix broken links from all the posts on your site. You can use broken link checker plugin or broken link finder tools to find broken links.

6. Domain Age

The age of the domain helps in increasing the search ranking and domain authority of your site. Means to say, if your site is even 2-3 years old and is updated regularly, then it means that you are continuously publishing quality content on it.

That is why if there is no spam on your site then your site will rank well in google search results. But this does not mean at all that the site with the new domain will not rank in google.

Now you have to work with restraint and keep publishing quality content as the age of your domain increases. Gradually your DA score will increase.

7. Regular Updates

Publishing quality content on blog regularly is one of the best ways to increase domain authority. If you write a continue post on your blog, then you do not need to worry about DA.

I know it is not easy but to get good DA you have to do it. If you do not update regularly, your DA will continue to be down.

You just focus on writing quality content articles on your blog, your domain authority will automatically increase according to the time.

There are many more benefits of sharing regular posts, traffic will increase on your site, your writing skills will also improve and you will get to learn a lot of new things.

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3 years ago
1. Keep Your Site Structure Clean and User Friendly

It is very important to keep the site structure clean and user friendly, so that the visitors can navigate the site easily. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to the user experience.

Do not make your site or blog more colorful. This can distract the reader's attention and they may exit your blog.

2. Keep the number of links in the page in the limit

If you do a lot of linking in your content, then it is not a good idea. This is not good according to user experience. Also, Google also recommends adding a limit number of links to a page.

3. Share Your Content on Social Sites

After publishing your content, do not forget to share it on social networking sites. It can easily generate a lot of traffic to your blog.

But your content should be such that it compels users to like share and comment. Apart from this, you can add social share button to your site.

4. Submit Guest Post on another blog

Guest posting increases your traffic and the number of backlinks. If the number of backlinks on your site will increase then automatically your DA will increase.

But keep one thing in mind, the niche of the blog on which you will guest post should be related to your blog niche.

5. Let Your Domain Be Outdated

The age of the domain helps a lot in increasing your site ranking and DA score. If your site is 3 or 4 years old and you regularly publish quality content on it, then its Domain Authority can be 30-40 or more.

But if your site is 1 or 2 months old, then you do not need to think about Domain Authority right now. Just focus on content publishing for now. Your DA will go on increasing automatically.
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kunal kumar
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this article
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