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Akshat Gupta

Akshat Gupta

10 months ago
Google Adsense Auto Ads is a combination of more than one adsense ads, which works to show adsense ads according to your content. Long ago Google Adsense used to provide facility to any publisher to show only three ads on one page. But after a few days, you could show more than three adsense ads on one page, but there was a problem in that too that to show more than three ads on one page, there should be more content on your page otherwise your Google adsense Ban means it could have been suspended.

But now the team of Google Adsense has made available a great feature, by which the Number of Ads will show according to your content, meaning that if there is a lot of content in any post of your blog, then the Number of Ads will show a lot and the post which But the content will be very less, accordingly the number of ads will be shown.