What is a Loop in WordPress?

When we want to run a particular part of the program or a block multiple times, then we use Loop Statements. Means when we want a particular statement of our program to run again and again until a particular condition is True, then we use Loop Statements.

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Balvinder Singh Selected

Balvinder Singh

1 year ago
Loop in wordpress is a function used to display posts around the website. The loop function takes data like post title, post image, tags, meta to show list of posts. When we change the page number the loop just serves next set of records. Let say 500 posts and each page 10 posts, so there will be 50 pages, which is just a single page changing by loop of next set of data.

We can also use this to embed custom information blocks while building a new plugin theme. A loop can be used for a post, image gallery, carousel and more.