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Link building is a process of getting links to your site from another website, most webmasters think that writing high quality content will help them get links, but this is not 100% true. Unless you specifically try to get links, it will be difficult for your site to get links from any other blog or website.

Earlier it was very easy to create a link, you used to create a back link from web2.0 by submitting a link to your article on any automatic link building tool, it did not require any quality content.

Link building means to get a link for your site from a high DA site which is of good quality. Here you should note that the quality of the link should be good and it is appropriate for your site, the link plays its important role in the ranking of the search engine for your site.

Essential of Link Building

Link building is essential for the following reasons.

• Links give you credibility
• Google uses links to rank your site
• Backlinks will get you an increase in web traffic
• Link building leads to higher site metrics and SEO scores
• Greater revenue opportunities and more sales
• Improved relationships within your niche
• Increased visibility and exposure
• A continuous source of referral traffic
• Lower bounce rates
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Link building is a process for increasing the links, which actually are the connections of search engines with your content. Links make a web of connections enhancing the ways how search engines can link to the content.

For new sites, link building is a way to increase the domain authority and make your site appear better in search results.

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