January 03rd, 2024

What tips would you give to a beginning blogger?

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Rahul Gupta
4 years ago
The best advice to give you no matter what your blog is about is to use the 80/20 rule. Give good content for others to use 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time write a review of a product and/or service you want to market.

If you have a mindset of helping people and answering questions they may have in your niche you will do well.
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Aslam khan
4 years ago
1.Work on a single post and spend 15 days on it. Making it SEO friendly.
2.Leave Money making aside
3. Try to make some quality backlink from Good Website
4. Be niche specific ( Thats helps to make internal linkings)
5. Think first- Why would people visit your blog? (Even think why would you visit your blog)
6. What are you solving?
7. What are ways in which you are helping to solve some problems.
8. Start with a fresh mind.
9. Good Luck
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Kartik Prajapati
4 years ago
My steps of creating a successful blog (as a source of passive income) are:
1. Choose up the niche in which you have good knowledge.
2. Write up 15-20 posts in that niche.
3. Get an approval of Google Adsense (For monetization)
4. Start looking for low competition keywords (having less volume but high CPC).
5. Prepare up your content accordingly (SEO and User Friendly).
6. After 5-6 days start doing link building for them after it is indexed in google results.
7. Build up authority and start targeting keywords with high searches.
8. Start making good money.

Note: Don't stop doing these things (Posting Articles Regularly, Performing Off-page SEO or Technical Seo, writing quality articles).

If you need any help, i am always here. Ask anything.
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Balvinder Singh
4 years ago
all mentioned nice posts, but main things is.
identify what you love to do,
identify your knowledge areas,
see your resources,
how much time you can spent,
niche if targeted single is good, but no issue with multi niche, if you have content.
Like if you a food blogger, you know recipes, or you trying new food.
Or you a photographer , an exams expert , content will never be less.
Just do show, what you are, and be regular.
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  • Rahul Gupta
    Rahul Gupta
    4 years ago
    Balvinder Singh exactly but now now a days. Mostly jump into blogging by seeing some earning money out of it and tries to compete with those people and forgot the important thing: passion and consistence in blogging
  • Balvinder Singh
    Balvinder Singh
    4 years ago
    Rahul Gupta yes, almost every friend of mine asking the same. whereas I started when I was looking for a job and in my free time, I can write stuff. the money is secondary, if it grows, obviously.

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