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If you are a beginner, just starting out and have limited followrs: barter is usually the way.

But with increased followers, engagement and other metrics of your account, you can get paid per post/image/video on your feed or story.
The pay depends on the reach of your profile and the content requirements by the brand. (Duration, feed type etc.)
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yes, but after having atleast 5k followers with average audience score and ratio of post/likes. Let say you have 5k followers, and you post daily 10 post, and you only have 10 likes, so still you would not be able to. You need around 100likes + comments
So, with a large followers and daily fresh content with likes, if you have you can earn from starting 500 inr a post and more, based on type of audience you have.
Even if you not get paid, you may get free samples/products to try or discounts for try.

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Yes, Instagram bloggers get paid. Here are a few methods to generate money on Instagram to get you started:

1. You might focus on sponsored content for companies looking to reach out to your audience, making you the ideal platform to do so.

2. You may become an affiliate marketer and earn money by promoting items or services from other companies.

3. You may even start your own business and sell your own goods. This might be a real or digital item, as well as a service. In essence, you may sell services and items on Instagram on the same way that you would in any other e-commerce platform.

4. You might be able to monetize your photos.

Instagram users are constantly on the hunt for new methods to generate money with their favorite social media site.

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