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Jul 12, 2021

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Siteground. Its Shared Hosting plan can manage high real-time traffic of more than 1k+ if your website is optimized well.
Best Technical Support in terms of security or critical technical issues. There support the best in the whole hosting industry. Simple UI. I am not facing any Problem till now.
5 months ago   1

There are two options available to you:

1) Host your own website (buy a domain and web hosting space)

2) Have it hosted by someone else ( and Blogger are the two major platform).

You may either use a free domain (for example, or or purchase a domain and have WordPress/Blogger host it for you (So, no web hosting fees).

The first choice (Self-host) is my favorite, but the second isn't bad either. It also allows you to learn a lot (during your first year of blogging) without having to spend money on site hosting.

The first option has the main advantage of allowing you to own the blog. Ownership is transferred to either Google or WordPress under the second choice.

If you decide to go with self-hosting, I would suggest WordPress (ORG) and I suggest SiteGround for site hosting.
4 months ago   1
We have recently opted for Godaddy for one of our other independent websites and experience so far has been pretty good . Rest two are reputed names too but haven't used them and hence can't comment . But besides GoDaddy, I can vouch for Wordpress as one of the best hosts , though its prices are relatively higher because of various tailor made in-built plug-ins and themes.
2 years ago   1
As far as i have seen. Bluehost really does very well. I have never felt any issue regarding the customer support too. So my big thumbs-up for Bluehost.
I have never used any services from anyone of the above
2 years ago   1
Aslam khan but majority in blogging industry buses bluehost and it somehow offers good features and services
2 years ago   1
Rahul Gupta Have you noticed that itself recommends Bluehost and that too in the first place check out this
2 years ago   1
Aslam khan true. Also bloggers/users across the globe trust the name.

It got a good name for web hosting...
2 years ago   1
Rahul Gupta - Yes Rahul, Also BlueHost's Security Team working very hard to make their platform Secure. :)
12 months ago   1
mine one. ha ha ha
2 years ago   1
Sovan Das which one u using?
2 years ago   1
Rahul Gupta i m using web werks, but for other reselling host should provide from, there charge is higher it can decrease after discuss. trial available..start from 799/- think it can handle 200-300 traffic...
2 years ago   1
After been through a lot of searches somehow i found hostinger provides great value for money, speed and its good for Indians considering pricing
2 years ago   1
Manu R Is uptime good?
2 years ago   1
I use hostinger with cloudflare proxy servers and they are easily handling 5000 visitors a day for my websites. It is cheap too. The startup cloud plan price is 1771 INR (including taxes and conversion charges) approx.
2 years ago   1
Kartik Prajapati that's great. So is uptime good??
2 years ago   1
Rahul Gupta Yes! The uptime is good. I am running nearly 10 websites on my startup cloud hosting from the last 7 months and I haven't experienced any downtime yet.
2 years ago   1
Kartik Prajapati Thats really great.
2 years ago   1
Siteground is always best. There are many reasons for which many people loved siteground hosting. The biggest reason High Uptime. SiteGround provides unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions for your websites which keeps your site fast and secure. In the same way, their support is also award wining. They provide 24/7 support to you.,
1 year ago   1
Try Hostingspell. They offered Black Friday deal and I purchased. So far excellent. Company and server are in India. So Atmanirbhar Bharat as well.
11 months ago   1
Anand Narayanaswamy will give a try for sure
11 months ago   0
Hostinger is the best hosting your website
8 months ago   1
Bikash Chandra Malik i tried that and it turned it pretty well...
8 months ago   0
I'm using hostinger
5 months ago   1

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