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Google AMP works to increase the loading speed of the site. When a user uses it, after opening the page of the site in a mobile device, only its necessary content will be loaded, which we can read and understand. It only shows the essential content.

It ignores all those things like- Title, words written in the article, and Heading etc., which cause problems in loading the website, so that you can easily open the page on mobile. Also called AMP Html, it is an open source framework. Pages of AMP are customized with Javascript and Css3, all its pages are cached.

Whenever AMP pages are enabled in the website and whenever you open the website, only the main content of the site is loaded, due to which the site loads fast. AMP is divided into three parts:

• AMP Cache
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Google amp works by minimising the code and adding similar code without additional code.
It removes unwanted code, scripts, empty tags, and uses lighter versions of embeds. It also minimses the css and serve a very light version of a normal page so it can be rendered fast on slow internet devices.
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