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Sep 18, 2021

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WordPress plugins are software applications that allow you to extend the functionality and features of your WordPress website. In the same way that applications work on your smartphone, websites work on computers.

It is possible to obtain free WordPress plugins from the Plugin Directory in a massive quantity (literally hundreds of thousands). WordPress plugins are also available as premium or paid options.

There are currently 54,561 plugins available for download from the WordPress Plug-in Directory, which is a large number.
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A WordPress plugin is a code that needs to be plugged-in to the basic code of your WordPress site so that a desired feature is added to your site. There are hundreds of plugins available online to meet every need of a blogger.
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WordPress plugins are the short codes which help you to done a specific task.
And are only can be use on WordPress website or blogs. Below are some names of popular WordPress plugins:

Yoast SEO: used for SEO & Akismet for anti spam protection.

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