Sagar Bhatia

May 22, 2021

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You have to guest post on other blog!
1 year ago   1
You need to find blogs related to your niche and post good content over there.
In return you will either get a dofollow backlink or author profile link. Both will work in long term
1 year ago   2

Hi Sagar,

I follow articles here very often. Now this site has free tool - a backlink checker:

Basically, you'll know a point to begin with and then find opportunities to post comments, engage with similar blogs or mention their content in your own articles. That way, it creates a network of URLs around your blog.

I do it on regular basis. As if, it's my daily dose of medicines.

Twice a day. :)

21 days ago   1
You can comment on various blog related to your niche.
21 days ago   1